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"If you can't see what's in front of your eyes, find out what's behind them."

--Eric Berne, 1970
For Individuals

Coaching helps you with self-reflection, questions regarding your work environment and your personal development. As a coach, I advise and accompany you in solving current challenges, exploring your inner motivation and shaping your working relationships.
I differentiate between two offers:

Psychological Coaching

A coaching usually ranges between 3 and 10 sessions at intervals of 2 to 4 weeks. During that period I will support you in finding solutions for your concerns.

Typical Occasions

► The desire for support with private or professional reorientation
► Improve emotional skills and work on personal relationships
► Wanting to make better decisions that are really good for you


The coaching process develops on the topics and questions that you want to work on. I will guide you by asking questions, developing new perspectives and support you in understanding yourself better, reflecting on your own behavior and finding new solutions to your questions.
For the transparency of the procress, we agree on goals and criteria. These can be used to evaluate the progess and achievements.

Motivation Analysis

With the scientifically validated tool
my motivation®
you receive your individual values profile. On these grounds we develop a deeper understanding of coherent next steps in your professional development.

Typical Occasions

► Career development coaching: which jobs suit you best?
► The search for a motivating perspective in the job
► Better understanding of yourself and others


During the evaluation, we first work out how well you recognize yourself in your values profile. We discuss what you are motivated by when making decisions, when collaborating and in general in your work environment. You will learn which activities and jobs bring you energy and which suck energy.
You can apply the new knowledge when looking for a job, in job interviews and in general for reorientation.